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30ml Dispenser Pumps R30 106500

30ml Dispenser Pumps R30 106500

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R30 pumps by Rieke

R30 pumps are commonly known as milkshake pumps but are also suitable for chemicals, hand cleaners and other industrial products of thin-medium viscosity (for thick product please see the Hybrid pump section).

We hold stock of the following version but can adapt this pump to fit almost any cap over 38mm:

106500 Pump R30 30ml dose, 38/400 cap, white, 160mm dip tube (suits most NZ made jerry cans)*

Common variations:

106502 Pump R30 30ml dose, fitted to customer’s cap, white,  dip tube to suit container

106503 Pump R30 30ml dose, 38/410 cap (deep), white, 160mm dip tube

106504 Pump R30 30ml dose, 45mm cap for VIP square flagons, white,  dip tube to suit container

106505 Pump R30 30ml dose, 45mm cap for Blow Moulders containers, white, dip tube to suit container

106510 Pump R30 30ml dose, 58mm cap for VIP, ES Plastics, Forward Plastics and EPI Passion Plastics containers, white, dip tube to suit container*

106512 Pump R30 30ml dose, 70mm cap for Alto cube jerry cans, white, dip tube to suit container

*Images shown

R30 Features and Benefits

  • * Strong and durable, reusable
  • * Able to be fitted to a wide range of caps over 38mm
  • * Suitable for a wide range of low-medium viscosity products
  • * Broad chemical compatibility
  • * Dose options available in 5ml, 10ml, 15ml, 20ml, 25ml, 30ml (ex-factory, MOQs apply)
  • * Black available (ex-factory, MOQs apply)

For more information please see the R30 Spec Sheet R30 Spec

For a 30ml pump with a lock down/shipper head please see the following information sheet: RS30 Info

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