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Tap-Caps with 63.5mm Caps

Tap-Caps with 63.5mm Caps

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Tap-caps are a breather tap fitted to a cap which is then used on a jerry can to pour or decant product safely and cleanly. Usually we make these using a specially formed cap (chimney cap) which the tap punches into. However, we can make tap-caps out of most caps so please ask if you have a particular cap that you wish to use. There are a wide range of tap-caps available with different tap colours and sizes as well as cap colours and sizes.

Outlet rotates to orient in correct position.

Flow rate is 70ml/second (water viscosity) for Aeroflow Taps and 30ml/second for Smooth Flow Taps

LLDPE body, PP spigot, natural rubber washer. Food grade with wide chemical compatibility.

Use with clip-on nozzle (code 204676*) to reduce outlet to 12mm if filling into a narrow opening e.g. spray bottles. Or use Smooth Flow Tap (12mm outlet) versions.

For safety and to prolong the life of your taps we recommend always returning the container to the upright position when not in use. Flush tap with clean water when changing containers and more regularly if possible.

Tap made by Worldwide Dispensers

Below are the tap-caps we make using 63.5mm plastic caps which fit  Alto 20L Universal jerry cans and some of their 5L jerry cans. For other sizes please see the tap-cap heading relating to each size. 63.5mm is a size unique to NZ and is not the same as the Australian Agro cap which is 63mm.

*images shown

Aeroflow Tap (18mm outlet) available in red/natural and white/natural

Codes for Aeroflow Taps fitted to Alto 63.5mm caps

700744 White tap with white cap*

700745 Red tap with white cap*


Smooth Flow Tap (12mm outlet) available in white with blue spigot plug. We can fit different coloured plugs but minimums may apply.

Codes for Smooth Flow Taps fitted to 63.5mm caps

700428  White tap with white cap*


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