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Spare Caps for Jerry Cans

Spare Caps for Jerry Cans

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We have spare caps for several different jerry cans, and spare gaskets for some of these too. We do not stock the containers but we can suggest distributors for these items so please ask if you require containers.

These caps can be vented and we can also fit taps to most of them (See Tap-Caps).


38mm cap for 5L Mitre jerry cans – white, red, blue, black

45mm cap for Alto Industrial jerry cans (5L and 10L) – white, red

63.5mm cap for Universal jerry cans (10L and 20L) – white, red, black

70mm cap for Square jerry cans (20L and 25L) – white, red, black


58mm cap for 20L Cube jerry cans – white, red, black, blue


58mm vented cap for 20L Cube made by Forward Plastics, ES Plastics, EPI Passion Plastics – white, red, black, blue

Blow Moulders:

45mm cap for A4/A5 square containers (4L and 5L), B2, B2.5, B5 round containers (2L, 2.5L, 5L), H500, H1 (500ml, 1L) – red

55mm (58mm) cap for J15, J20 jerry cans (15L and 20L) – red

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