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We now have a cap tightener for Alto 38mm Caps - 800407

900300 Hose End Sprayer 38/400 Cap

900300 Hose End Sprayer 38/400 Cap

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We stock these basic hose end sprayers with 38/400 caps for 1-5L jerry cans, in green and white. Other colours can be supplied but minimum order quantities apply.

900300 Green 38/400 cap 4mm dip tube

900302 White 38/400 cap 8mm dip tube

The dilution rate is difficult to specify due to variations in water pressure, viscosity and density. Manufacturer’s tests with water show dilution is approximately 3-6% with the 4mm tube (more with the 8mm tube). Given differences in formulations you could expect variances from this and you will need to formulate to your own needs through testing. We are happy to supply samples for testing if required.

If you are looking for 28mm hose end sprayers we have stock! See Code 900310.



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