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800727 Drum Bung 2″ (56×4) Buttress Thread (Tri-Sure)

800727 Drum Bung 2″ (56×4) Buttress Thread (Tri-Sure)

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Drum bung 2″ (56×4) buttress thread, plain, Push Lock Compatible (4 nock with grooves for Tri Sure press on Push Lock Cap Seals).

Push Locks are tamper evident cap seals that clip onto the bung instead of onto the drum. Please contact us for more information.

Please note this has replaced 800724 which was 6 nock.

Measures 61mm OD top, 57mm OD bottom. This is same thread as 800608 which has a  3/4″ insert fitted.

Bung Tools: 800411 (metal), 800405, 800406 (plastic, for light use).

Made by Tri-Sure.

Extra Drum Bung Info: Drum Bungs -How to Measure & ID 2023

Also See:

800608 56×4 buttress thread bung with 3/4″ insert, white

800726 56×4 buttress thread bung, plain, red (limited stock)

800570 Adaptor, 56×4 male x 2″ BSP female

Vented Versions:

600862 56×4 microporous vented bung with bulb splash guard (yellow image in gallery)

600863 56×4 vented with D38 Press Fit Vent (yellow image in gallery with larger insert underneath)

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