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800635 Drum Bung 63mm Buttress Thread

800635 Drum Bung 63mm Buttress Thread

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Drum Bung, 63mm buttress thread, Rieke style, Asia white rubber o-ring.

This does not have a 3/4″ threaded centre. We can drill the bung and fit a 3/4″ tap with back nut if required. We do not have an adaptor for this thread to allow a 2″ tap to be fitted to the drum.

This is now used instead of the code 800637 bung which was discontinued in January 2017.

Bung Tools: 800409, 800411 (metal), 800405, 800406 (plastic for light use)

Vented Version:

We can vent with PTFE vent but are unable to fit a Super Resistant Vent to this bung.

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