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We now have a cap tightener for Alto 38mm Caps - 800407

800605 Drum Bung PPA-57-B7, 2″ Buttress with Insert Well (Rieke)

800605 Drum Bung PPA-57-B7, 2″ Buttress with Insert Well (Rieke)

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Drum Bung, Rieke, PPA-57-B5, 64×5/2″ buttress thread with x 3/4″ BSP insert well (can be knocked out and fitted with 3/4″ bung e.g. 800622WH).

Measures 73mm OD top, 64mm OD bottom.

Bung Tools: 800409, 800411 (metal), 800405, 800406 (plastic, for light use)

Made by Rieke

The Push Lock Compatible (cap seal) version made by Tri Sure is also available, code 800606.

Extra Drum Bung Info: Sept12 MNL (common sizes) Oct12 MNL (uncommon sizes)zes)

Also See:
800515 Adaptor 64×5 male x 2″ BSP female

Vented Versions:

We now have 600864 64×5 Vented with microporous vent (no splash guard) as shown in the gallery photos. This is vented at the Tri Sure factory in the US, and is the only factory vented Tri Sure bung we stock that is not yellow.

Alternative: Knock out centre of 800605 and fit with 600865, 3/4″ bung Vented with microporous vent with bulb splash guard (3/4″ yellow image in gallery)


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