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800212cm S75 Female x 2″ Camlock Male IBC Ball Valve

800212cm S75 Female x 2″ Camlock Male IBC Ball Valve

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Replacement Darcie Lite ball valve to fit IBCs by Schutz, S75 x 2″ integrated camlock male with dust cap.  The tank end is S75 female and the outlet end has 2″ camlock outlet with dust cap. The body is polypropylene and the seals are polyethylene.

For a threaded version please see code 800212.

Valves also available for tank threads S60 (Mamor, Sotralentz, Greif/Sonoco, our code 800248) and S80 (Mauser/Hoover, Reyde, our code 800318).

Measuring your IBC Threads for Replacement Valves

The threads are generally referred to as ‘S#’ e.g. S75 which is an approximate measurement of the male tank thread.

Male thread/tank = 80mm OD,  Female thread/valve = S60 x 6 (female thread will be approximately 60mm ID (56-62mm) and the valve will fit IBCs by Mamor, Sotralentz, Greif/Sonoco.

Male thread/tank = 95mm OD, Female thread/valve = S75 x 6 (female thread will be approximately 75mm ID (70-75mm) and the valve will fit IBCs by Schutz, Clawson and Fustiplast.

Male thread/tank = 100mm OD, Female thread/valve = S80 x6 (female thread will be approximately 80mm ID (75-80mm) and the valve will fit IBCs by Mauser (Hoover) and Reyde.

How do you know if you have an integrated camlock valve?

Take a look at this short video (1.18min) or look in the gallery to see the images of the white and black integrated valves. If this is what your valve outlet looks like then you have an integrated camlock valve (these particular ones are not stocked items and are for ID purposes only).

The original valves generally come with a shallow fine thread cap of either 2″ BSP (57mm OD) or slightly larger than 2″ BSP, 61-62mm. We have replacement caps for these sizes (see caps 500747 and 500748).  If you need a 3 piece cap and nozzle you can use 500768 for normal 2″ BSP or we can drill out the larger cap 500748 for you. However, if you need to change this outlet away from a camlock this thread is too shallow to support a threaded adaptor. In this case you should use a female camlock adaptor with locking arms e.g. 800559, 800560, 800561.

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