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500747 2″ BSP IBC Valve Cap Mark I

500747 2″ BSP IBC Valve Cap Mark I

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Valve cap for Schutz Integrated Camlock valves, Mark I, 61mm ID. 13mm deep. Black HDPE with no gasket/cone seal. See code 500748 for the larger diameter Mark II cap.

Integrated camlock valves have the camlock piece moulded as part of the valve (some common versions and our version are shown in the gallery, code 800212cm). There are two versions of Schutz Integrated Camlock valves. They both have a shallow (approx 1cm deep) fine thread. Mark I is standard 2″ BSP (57-61mm). Mark II is slightly larger at 62mm. This is further explained in the video.

On both the thread is too shallow for a threaded adaptor so you must use a female camlock adaptor with locking arms to clip onto the male camlock.

Please see our codes 800559, 800560, 800561 for adaptor options or 500764 for a lock-on dust cap. For a 3 piece cap and nozzle you can use 500768 + 800260.

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