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500746, 500768 3 Piece Caps for IBC Nozzles

500746, 500768 3 Piece Caps for IBC Nozzles

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500746: NW50 3 piece caps for IBC nozzles. These come with a black cap, red disc and white gasket and fit our nozzle 800260.

The cap and disc are polyethylene. The gasket is polyethylene foam.

These are the same thread as caps 500743 (plain/solid) and 500745s (with 3/4″ BSP threaded centre) and fit the common, 60mm coarse IBC outlet thread.

Other 3 Piece Caps:

500768 – 3 piece 2″ BSP/57mm ID (Shown in gallery, white with red centre). This fits some IBCs from USA with 2″ fine thread outlets, and some integrate camlock outlets that have a deep enough thread (many have a 10mm deep thread that is too shallow for the cap or an adaptor).

500749 – 2 piece cap for Kingtainer IBCs (not shown in gallery as they are currently unavailable). The best option for fitting a nozzle to the Kingtainer outlet is to use adaptor 800557 and 500746.

Convert IBC outlet to spout – Info on options for adapting outlets so a spout can be fitted

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