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30ml Dispensers Heavy Duty – Hybrid 105000 & Maxi 107000

30ml Dispensers Heavy Duty – Hybrid 105000 & Maxi 107000

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Made by Rieke

We have two pumps that are heavy duty dispensers for viscous or chunky products – the Hybrid and the Maxi. We can fit these pumps to any cap 38mm and larger, including pail lids.

Both are available in doses of 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30ml (MOQ applies to doses under 30ml as this is our stock item).

If being used in a pail both pumps can be fitted with a pedestal foot which supports the pump and ensures the dip tube doesn’t get blocked or bent during operation.


Code 105000 (white pump in photos): The Hybrid pump looks similar to the R30 (white pump in photos). The head is the same but the body is wider and the spring is stronger so it is suitable for very viscous products.
Hybrid Spec Sheet: Hybrid Spec

Hybrid Features and Benefits

* Handles viscous products

* Strong and durable

* Constructed with food grade materials

* Wide range of closure options

* Broad chemical compatibility

* Reusable

* Customisation options (MOQs apply)

Code 107000 (white & orange pump in photos): The Maxi pump has the wide body and strong spring of the Hybrid but it also has a wide head so this pump is suitable for chunky or very thick products. Our stock item has an orange and white head but colour options are available (MOQs apply).
Maxi Spec Sheet: Maxi  Spec

Maxi Features and Benefits

* Easily handles highly viscous and particulated products, e.g. salsa, chutney

* Food grade, meets all FDA requirements

* Hygienic – easy to disassemble and clean

* Nozzle restrictors available in 4, 7, 10ml

* Can be used with a wide range of closures

* Suitable for use with a wide range of products including food, chemicals, personal care and pharmaceuticals

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