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Vented Caps and Drum Bungs/Plugs

We vent caps and drum bungs/plugs for liquid chemicals and powders which emit gasses when filled into plastic drums, jerrycans and bottles.

We stock Child Resistant Vented Caps, or we can vent most closures with a membrane that allows gas but not liquids to escape. The method used depends on the product that requires venting and the closure size or type (please see our Venting Guide and Super Resistant Vent Options by Closure Size Guide docs* under vent types and Inflowmation Newsletters)

1. PTFE for hydrophobic (high surface tension) liquids e.g. Sodium Hypochlorite and Hydrogen Peroxide with only water added. We can put this membrane onto any closure e.g. caps or drum bungs of any size.

2. Super Resistant vents (SRV – formerly known as SRM in the ‘dot’ format) for Oleophobic (low surface tension) liquids (refer to the Venting Guide for a list of products this includes). The ‘dot’ format is now unavailable and our options for SRV are either a vented liner, Press Fit Vent or Microporous Vent depend on cap size or closure type (refer to our SRV Options by Closure Size Guide*)

We stock 28mm (28/400) and 38mm (38/400) Child Resistant Closures (CRC) with SRV vented liners. We can access other sized caps and other liner types including heat induction vented liners (minimum order quantities apply for items that are not ex-stock).

Caps and bungs can be supplied to us by customers for venting. However, they must be new (unused and clean from dust). Caps or drum bungs with chemical residues create an OSH issue for our staff. Residues can also affect the integrity of the vent. We stock a comprehensive range of caps and drum bungs so can supply new closures if you require them.

Ask us about your application. We can advise you on the correct vented closure/bung for safe storage, handling and transportation of your chemicals. Customers MUST undertake their own trials to prove suitability. Samples for trials are available on request, free of charge. See our Testing Guide*

If you are sending caps for venting please enclose a copy of our Customer Originated Order Form or your company purchase order detailing your request. For a Word version of our document, so you can type in your changes, please email info@3swans.co.nz.

* Access these documents via Vented Closures in Our Products

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