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IBC Terms & Thread Sizes

Basic IBC Terms & Thread Descriptions:
IBC = Intermediate Bulk Container
Tank outlet = Thread on the tank
Valve outlet = Thread on the valve that is coming off the tank
BSP = Fine thread
NW50 = 60mm coarse thread. This is the most common outlet size. Found on Schutz valve outlets and others including some tank outlets e.g. Sotralnetz, Grief, Sonoco, Mamor.
S75 = 75mm thread on the Schutz tank outlet
77mm = Kingtainer (and other) Chinese IBC outlet thread
S80 = 80mm thread on IBCs by Mauser, Hoover and Reyde
S100 or S100x8 = 100mm coarse thread (8mm between threads) found on outlets by Mauser
Integrated Camlock = a camlock outlet that is moulded as part of the IBC valve. They will have a very shallow (1cm deep) fine thread cap on the end. The cap will be either 2″ BSP (57mm) or slightly larger (61-62mm).

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