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Our Services & Suppliers

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We are importers and distributors of plastic taps, irrigation taps, dispenser pumps, drum pumps, drum bungs, drum adaptors and tamper evident cap seals, vented closures, IBC spare parts and now trigger sprayers. We can also access laboratory equipment and logistic material handling systems on an indent only basis.

We also have a venting service, whereby we vent customer’s caps and drum bungs for them, or supply caps or drum bungs of the correct thread type to suit various containers. Venting allows gas, but not liquid, to escape from a container thereby stopping the build-up of gas. Gas build-up can cause packaging to swell or suck in which can be dangerous and can also result in labeling falling off. In some cases customers send us their own clean, unused closures which we vent with the appropriate material and return to them (see our Venting Guidelines on our Products page). We also stock child resistant vented caps in 28mm and 38mm.

Our Suppliers:

Beckson bipi logo 2015
Beckson Industrial Products: www.becksonindustrial.com
Hand operated drum pumps for transfer of chemicals, petroleum, water.

Beneficial Logo2015
Beneficial Plastics: www.beneficialplastics.com.au
Supplier of Snap Taps and IBC adaptors

Burkle logo 2015
Bürkle GmbH: www.buerkle.de (click on English once you connect to the site)
Bürkle are suppliers of innovative products for laboratory, industry and science: Samplers for liquids, powders, granulates and pastes, Pumps for liquids and pastes, Fittings, Valves and Hoses.

McKernan Packaging Clearing House: www.mckernan.com
Suppliers of quality surplus packaging from leading manufacturers: caps, child resistant closures (CRC), dispenser caps, lotion dispensers, trigger sprayers, bottles & much, much more!!
Mckernan’s website provides constant updates of products, with illustrations, specifications and quantity available.


Selig Group: www.seliggroup.com
Formally PSI, Selig Group are manufacturers of top quality vented products including child resistant closures.

Rieke Logo 2015 copy
Rieke Corporation: www.riekepackaging.com
An innovative, world class manufacturer of closures and dispensing systems: drum plugs and closures, pail closures, pumps and faucets.

Trisure logo
Tri Sure Closures: www.tri-sure.com
Specialising in closures for plastic containers e.g. jerry cans and drums as well as for steel drums. Also suppliers of vented closures.

Supplied by Cormack, part of Tricorbraun https://www.tricorbraun.com/

Tuff Taps Drip-line irrigation taps: www.tufftap.com.au
The Tuff Tap range of irrigation taps save money by reducing the labour/material costs associated with flushing dripper lines. Used extensively in the viticulture industry.



LB Slovakia Plastics

Leading specialist manufacturers of plastic taps, faucets, spigots, spouts, fitments, glands, valves & related liquid dispensers & dispensing products. Worldwide Dispensers was formerly Waddington & Duval.

Utz Logo 100x100 RGB 2015
Georg Utz AG:  https://www.utzgroup.com
Swiss based manufacturers of plastic crates, pallets & pallet boxes suitable for logistic material handling systems – conveyor, robotic, non-conductive. Designed with typical Swiss attention to detail, functionality and durability.

Product Groups:

Taps from:
A.L.F, Australia.
Beneficial Plastics, Australia.
Liquibox – Worldwide Dispensers, Slovakia.
Rieke Packaging Systems, Australia/USA.

Dispenser Pumps, Drum Pumps and Trigger Sprayers from:
Rieke Packaging Systems, USA.
Beckson Industrial Products, USA.

Drum Bungs/Plugs & Adaptors from:
Rieke Packaging Systems, Australia/USA.
Tri Sure, Europe/USA

Vented caps, plugs, bungs or liners, utilising Teflon or Goretex (PTFE or ePTFE) from:
Donaldson, USA.
Gore-Tex Creative Technologies, Australia/USA.
Tri Sure, Europe/USA.

Child Resistant Vented Caps (CRC) from:
Selig Group, USA.

Viticulture Drip-line Irrigation Taps from:
ALF, Tuff Tap, Australia.

Quality Discount Packaging Components from:
McKernan Packaging Clearing House, USA.

Laboratory Equipment:
Bürkle GmbH, Germany.

Logistic Material Handling Systems from:
Georg Utz, AG, Switzerland.