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Our Catalogue: 3 Swans Catalogue May24


IBC YouTube Clips:

Click here to see our video guide to IBC adaptor and cap options for integrated camlock valves: Integrated Camlock Valves Explained

Click here to see our video guide to IBC adaptor options: IBC Fittings Explained


Product Information Sheets

(you can download our catalogue from Our Products page)


Click here to see our guide to measuring caps, threads and containers: How to Measure Caps, Containers, Bungs

4-10ml Dispensers – Dispenser pumps in our 4ml-10ml range (updated 9/2023)
30-250ml Dispensers – Dispenser pumps in our 30-250ml range (updated 9/2023)
Pumps & Triggers – Dispensers and Trigger Sprayers Update
Cap Seals Info – Information on Tamper Evident Capseals for steel and plastic drums (updated 12/2023)
Tools for Jerry Cans, Drums and IBCs – Tools for tightening caps for jerry cans and drum bungs
CDS Info – Information on the Tri-Sure Closed Dispensing System (CDS1)
Drum Adaptors – Explanation of the threads of the three most common drum bungs and the matching adaptors (updated 12/2023)
Drum Bungs Measure & ID 2023 – How to measure drum bungs, and an explanation of the various drum threads (updated 9/2023)
Uncommon Drum Bungs 2023 – Information on how to identify bungs that don’t match the common bung measurements (updated 2023)
Water & Fuel Pumps – Beckson Pumps for removing water (water meter pumps) or syphoning fuel (updated 12/2023)
Drum and IBC Tools – Drum bung tools and tools for IBC valve caps and top lids (updated 12/2023)
Hose End Sprayers – Hose End Sprayers (updated 12/2023)
IBC Dispensing Caps, Taps & Nozzles – Information on caps and nozzles for dispensing from the various IBC outlet sizes and threads (updated 12/2023)
IBC Common Fittings and ID Chart – Common IBC fittings and our IBC adaptor Identification Chart (updated 12/2023)
IBC Adaptor Identification Chart 2024 Our IBC Adaptor ID chart
IBC Caps and Lids – Caps and top port lids for IBCs (updated 12/2023)
IBC Accessories & Tools – IBC Tools and outlet accessories, seals, nozzle, vents (updated 12/2023)
Convert IBC outlet to spout – IBC Convert outlet to spout (updated 12/2023)
Plastic Taps 3/4″ and 2″– 3/4″ & 2″ taps and Tap-Caps (updated 12/2023)
Popular Summer & IBC Items 3 Swans Items 2023 Popular IBC fittings for Lifestyle Blocks
Tap-Caps 2024 – We have a wide range of tap-caps i.e. taps that are fitted to caps for different sized jerry cans
Tools for Jerry Cans, Drums and IBCs – For jerry cans, drum bungs and IBCs (updated 2023)
Triggers & Hose End Sprayers 2024 – See our range of budget and industrial trigger sprayers (updated 2024)
Venting guide2021 Venting Guide
3SL Vent Testing Process 2024 How to test your vented products
Super Resistant Vent Options by Closure Size 2024 Vented Closure Guide: Covers the different cap sizes and vented bung options, and a key to the different venting terms that are used). Also search under thread type to see the vented options for the various drum bungs.