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258446 Smooth Flow Tap with 38mm cap

258446 Smooth Flow Tap with 38mm cap

Smooth Flow Tap breather tap with 12mm outlet & 38mm screwring (cap) to fit small jerry cans e.g. 1-5L. Breather taps are used in single-opening containers to achieve a smooth flow. Smoothflow taps are useful when filling narrow-opening containers or where a slower flow is preferable. For a faster flowing breather tap use the Aeroflow Tap (251804 or tap-caps)

We stock these in white with a blue spigot plug. Alternative spigot plug colours are available to allow you to colour code your taps for different uses. White, red, green, maroon and purple (minimum quantities apply to coloured plugs).

LLDPE body with PP spigot. Food grade with wide chemical compatibility.

Flow rate is 30ml/second (water viscosity).

Outlet rotates to orient in correct position.

For safety and to prolong the life of your taps we recommend always returning the container to the upright position when not in use. Flush tap with clean water when changing containers and more regularly if possible.

Made by Worldwide Dispensers (formerly Waddington & Duval)

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