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800635 Drum Bung 63mm Buttress Thread

800635 Drum Bung 63mm Buttress Thread

January 2018 update – we have found an alternative supplier (our former supplier has retired their mould and discontinued this item) and are pleased to say we now have stock. The style does not have the 3/4″ insert well though.

Drum Bung, 63mm buttress thread, Rieke style, Asia white rubber o-ring.

This is now used instead of the code 800637 bung which was discontinued in January 2017.

Bung Tools: 800409, 800411 (metal), 800405, 800406 (plastic for light use)

Vented Version:

We can vent with PTFE vent but are unable to fit a Super Resistant Vent to this bung.

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