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800632 Drum Bung 2″ NPS Thread PPA-56 (Rieke)

800632 Drum Bung 2″ NPS Thread PPA-56 (Rieke)

Drum Bung PPA-56, 2″ NPS thread, with 3/4″ (20mm) insert well (can be knocked out and fitted with 3/4″ bung 800622WH).

Measures 72mm OD top, 59mm OD bottom. Insert 24mm ID.

Bung Tools: 800409, 800411 (metal), 800405, 800406 (plastic for light use)

Made by Rieke.

Extra Drum Bung Info: Sept12 MNL (common sizes) Oct12 MNL (uncommon sizes)

Vented Version:

Knock out centre and fit with 600865 3/4″ bung with microporous vent and bulb splash guard (yellow image in gallery)

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