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600830 38mm Child Resistant Cap – Vented

600830 38mm Child Resistant Cap – Vented

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Vented Child Resistant Cap (CRC), white, with 38/400 thread, Super Resistant Membrane (SRM) foam liner.

Vented by Performance Systematix Inc, USA.

Also See:

600819 28/400 CRC with grooved back vented liner

600831 38/400 CRC with C4CR foam liner and intermediate vent*

*We can also fit this liner to customer’s caps (28mm and 38mm) providing they can supply a ‘wad seal’ style cap (not a cone seal cap). Please contact us for more information.

Venting of caps allows containers to ‘breath’ which stops them blowing out or sucking in. Some products emit gas, which must be allowed to escape or the container will start to bloat and could crack or explode and they are unstable on the shelf. Other products are oxygen scavengers so they cause the sides of the container to suck in (panel) which causes labels to fall off and instability.

For our venting guidelines please click here: Venting Guide 2014 and call us if you have any questions or require samples for testing.

Vented closures must be tested under your specific end use conditions at your own discretion and risk.

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